16th March 2021

The benefits of CRM in the betting and gaming industry

Benefits of CRM in the betting and gaming industry

The world of online betting and gaming is a crowded one, with so many different providers and platforms for consumers to choose from, it can be difficult for brands to attract customers and when they do, retaining them can be even trickier.

With such a saturated market, it’s important that businesses look to implement new strategies and technology, such as CRM to help them improve.

There are a number of ways that CRM can benefit a business, it can help to streamline working processes, improve customer service, increase customer retention and revenue.

The benefits of implementing a CRM system and strategy don’t just stop there, there are advantages that relate directly to the betting and gaming industry, so let’s get into them.

Benefits to the betting and gaming industry

24/7 Performance

Like many things in the modern world, the gaming and betting industry runs around the clock, with customers making bets or joining games at any time of the day. This means that there is a need to gather data 24/7.

Having a software that is able to track, analyse and organise the data of potentially thousands of customers is crucial. Especially as this can trickle down into other areas, such as improvements in customer experience, as well as developing targeted marketing strategies. Therefore, avoiding manual backups of the data or downtime for maintenance is essential. Advanced CRM systems can do this, with the Intilery platform offering real-time data analysis too.

Having a system that operates 24/7 is not only beneficial in having a smooth process, but it also leads nicely into the next benefit of CRM in the betting and gaming industry.

Advanced Customer Profiles

CRMs can gather and hold large quantities of customer data, advanced CRM systems can track a high level of consumer data, allowing companies the ability to learn a great deal about their audience. This is something that is incredibly beneficial to those working within the betting and gaming industries.

This data can be collated to easily create detailed and high-quality customer profiles, this information can include:

  • How often users visit the site/app and what length of time they view it for.
  • Which games they play / which sports or events they bet on.
  • How much they bet, win and lose on average.

Access to data like this provides insight about the customer behaviour, interests and spending habits. If analysed and utilised in the correct way, this can help companies develop a marketing strategy based on the preferences of their audience.

Advanced customer profiles can lead to a whole host of other benefits, such as increasing customer retention through personalisation. Through sending out specific reminders or incentives based on individual customers preferences, they may feel more likely to make a bet with you or play one of your games again. These types of notifications can be sent via email, text or push notification.

Round up

As you can see for the betting and gaming industry there are a number of benefits of implementing a CRM system. It’s a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, if you haven’t already it may be worth considering starting your journey with CRM.

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