26th July 2021

The importance of connecting with your audience in real-time

Importance of connecting in real-time

It’s now more important than ever to connect with your customers in real-time. The instantaneous nature of today’s online world has accelerated the expectations of both the consumer and the marketeers.

Customers anticipate for the brands they interact with to be on the ball with their communications, whether that be via social media messaging, email or even on the phone. Similarly, the marketeers have higher expectations for what they can achieve using new technology. Being able to gather real-time data analytics about your customer’s habits is all too important in creating and managing targeted, timely and relevant marketing strategies.

Now, you may be wondering how it’s possible to achieve this level of insight, and that’s where CRM platforms come into play. Often CRM platforms vary in the features and functions they offer, some simply act as large customer databases, while others offer much more in terms of marketing automation. A select few offer real-time insights into customer data. Here at Intilery, it’s a feature that we pride ourselves in.

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Benefits of real-time CRM

At this point you might be questioning why it’s important for your CRM system to have real-time analytics, so let’s look at some of the benefits:

Real-time data analytics

One of the obvious benefits is the ability to receive and evaluate live data relating to your audience. To some this may not seem important, however this information is incredibly valuable. There are countless things that can be achieved if this data is used correctly. Being able to view your website visits, the time spent on each page, the reaction to email campaigns, and where certain members of your audience may be on a customer journey is key. All of this information can be used to develop smart marketing strategies, whether that relates to your blog content, email campaigns, or even entering customers into specifically designed journeys. Being able to do this in real-time means that you can be reactive to your audience’s needs.

Organise customer data

If you have experience using a CRM platform then you will know that one of the main functions is to store customer data, which is then displayed in a user-friendly way. Now imagine, this data being gathered in real-time, therefore offering you the most up to date summary of your audience. Intilery’s Single Customer View allows you to observe information on individual customers from one single page, enabling you to understand your audience on a personal level.  Building in depth customer profiles is crucial to learning more about your audience, who they are, how they engage with your brand and their purchasing habits.

Having a CRM system that organises your customer data for you is one thing but having a CRM that organises your data in real-time, will really give you an edge over your competitors.

Improved customer services

Having organised customer data with real-time insights can lead to a number of positive outcomes for your business, such as increased sales and customer retention.

Imagine, your CRM platform has gathered a whole host of information on your audience, when one of your customers contacts you with an issue, you can view every previous interaction that they have had with your brand. With this information, you are able to quickly and resourcefully communicate a solution to their problem and your efficient response leaves them impressed with your customer service. No matter the size of the issue they have faced, your high-quality customer service has reassured them of your brand, encouraging them to remain as a loyal customer.

Likewise, you are able to view customers who spent a significant amount of time on your FAQ page. Perhaps you could implement a plan to send communications with regards to your guides and supporting documents, in the hope that it may pre-emptively answer any more queries that the customer may have. This could possibly lead to a sale of your product/service.

Round Up

As you can see there are many benefits to implementing a smart CRM platform with real-time analytics. It’s becoming increasingly important to stay connected with your audience and in more ways than just through the use of social media. Real-time CRM allows you to stay one step ahead of the curve, giving you the opportunity to develop your customer communications and customer services, to ensure that they are timely and relevant.

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