27th May 2022

Top tips to promote your campaign with Intilery

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The countdown to the Jubilee bank holiday weekend is on. From street parties, to quintessential afternoon tea and many jubilee promotions in our local stores.

Targeting the right people when organising a promotion

When organising a promotion, we all know the hardest job is deciding the guest list or the people were looking to target, and once you’ve decided on your guests it’s time to communicate the details without a flaw.

Let’s put this into business perspective for a minute, who are we targeting? Is your occasion tailored towards a particular demographic? Has your event been organised for a loyal customer?

To get the most from your organised campaign, you may choose to segment your audience on particular traits they have, or maybe target someone that has registered an interest in a similar campaign you ran previously.

With Intilery, our clever dynamic audiences allow you to really delve deep into the traits of your users and look at online events they have carried out previously so you know there is a higher chance you will convert into a sale.  

Click here to find out more about dynamic audiences.

Communicating your promotion

It’s now time to get your potential customers excited about your promotion. Think back to Black Friday or the launch of a new games console, we must as a business create demand and excitement around the launch of any campaign, we must be proactive with our messaging and make sure the right message is hitting the right person.

What is your sales message? What message will reel them in? What’s the business objective?

Our easy-to-use email builder has the features to make your business look professional, in fitting with your brand and be user friendly.

Click here to find out more about email builder.

Personalise your comms to impress

You have your audience; you have your message – it’s time to make your think about those conversion rates. Let’s tailor your comms to impress your audience.

We’ve all received emails with a custom “Hello” or “Welcome”, immediately grabbing our attention.  Maybe you’re a business in the financial industry, why not add the users reference numbers, making it easy for them to make contact with your customer service teams. If you’re an e-commerce business, you could offer a unique discount for your members. With our merge tag feature, there are many ways to personalise your comms. You may also choose to create dynamic content, all possible on Intilery.

A countdown is the perfect reminder

You’ve communicated the correct message to your targeted customer, it’s a done deal…but, something many businesses forget to do!

Say it, say it, say it again.

The best way to get to the forefront of your customers mind is to communicate the message over and over again. We suggest making a series of comms using SMS, push & email to put your campaign ahead of your competitors.

Add a countdown to your campaign – our clever countdown tool can be enabled using the date and time of your promotion and will continue to run in real time to anyone opening your email. E.g Our sale is ending soon!

The team at Intilery work with you to not only create professional looking comms, but to trigger to the correct audiences at the right time. We can help you to automate your customer comms through our clever journeys feature, helping you to free up the time of your marketeers to keep ahead on strategy.

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing?

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