11th July 2022

Use CRM reporting to help boost business

Use CRM reporting to help boost business

Marketing is so broad. Your role may be to run email campaigns, social media, ads or maybe your role is to oversee all of the marketing strategy.

Depending on whether you’re a creative or an analytical marketer, there are different ways in which you may choose to market and how you analyse the results of your campaign.

Whether you’re a business in the financial, retail or gaming industry, you may choose to analyse your results differently and over a different duration of time.

Businesses in retail are usually advertising to the consumer market and have to react quickly to trends, holidays or even (especially at the time of writing this blog) the economic climate.

The financial industry has to be compliant with product sign off often having to be run through a huge number of people. This means that marketers in this industry need to think ahead with their marketing campaigns and work back from a launch date which may be in a years’ time.

As a marketeer, I love to plan campaigns with the end goal being able to see & read results. Whether this is a social media campaign, looking at the Twitter insights or the uplift in Instagram followers or a how many times a discount code has been used through an EPOS manager.

With comms, there are many ways to read your reports and derive insights to improve your next email/push or SMS campaign. On Intilery, these can be found in campaign reports or journey reporting.

You can view sends, opens, clicks, bounces and these can be interrogated further.


With send reports, you are able to see how many of your sends were successful and whether any of your recipients reported your comms as spam.  This is hugely important to ensuring your database is up to date, the content you are sharing is compliant and useful for your customers and subscribers.


We love to get a high open rate don’t we? This confirms to us that we have done something right to get our email opened by our customers. The Intilery opens report delves deeper and give us information on the browser the customer is using, the device they are using – whether this is a mobile/tablet or desktop and the operating system.

Use your opens report to figure out the best subject lines, the best content and the most successful way of creating your content (mobile/desktops/interactive or not)


Once we know the open rate, it’s important to then look at clicks. This shows us that the content we have put out has intrigued our customers and has hopefully led to a click through to a website, or to add an item to your customers basket. The Intilery report also shows you where your customers are clicking which gives you an insight into what is popular with your users.

Use your clicks report to figure out what time and day is best to send your comms to your customers to convert an open to a click, use the report to see what your customers really want from your brand.


It is what it says on the tin. Your comms could bounce due to an email address that no longer exists, a misspelt email or a mailbox that may be full. Intilery distinguishes between these hard and soft bounces.

Use the bounce report to make sure your database is cleansed and most up to date.


This is our most feared report as a marketeer, we hate to see unsubscribes! But it happens, it may be that the customer is no longer interested in your product or service, they may have moved supplier or moved to a new location. Don’t fear the unsubscribes, see them as an opportunity to not only filter out customers that are no longer interested, or go into their Single Customer View and see how that customer has previously interacted with your brand and make a change!

Marketeers! Make sure that you run successful campaigns and keep re-evaluating your reports to better your future campaigns.

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