7th October 2022

We listen

Here at Intilery we pride ourselves on our approachability.

Our team

Our team is at the forefront, of this ethos.

No bots, fewer tickets, speak to us directly for training and advice. We build relationships with our clients and deliver based on feedback.

 Here are some of the recent client driven changes to our platform

User interface

Clearer navigation & dashboard

We’ve redesigned our dashboard & navigation to put the focus on campaign results with clever prompts & reporting at the forefront.

New emoji picker

Enhance your subject lines with an emoji of your choice using the emoji picker.

More detailed asset dashboard

Simply glance at your asset dashboard to see which are scheduled, used in a journey and transactional.

In addition to the above, the following features have also been implemented in the platform:

  • Detailed guidance and richer help on features
  • Domain warning prompts
  • Pre-generated row conditions based on your schema
  • Option to terminate a journey for a single customer in SCV
  • Marketing preferences displayed in the customer dashboard
  • Additional reports on individual events

Under the bonnet

We’ve also made some changes to some of our tech features:

  • Speed enhancements – UI is much more responsive between pages
  • We’ve moved features that only developers need to worry about into settings which should speed you up too.

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