25th March 2021

What is CRM and why is Intilery the platform for you?

What is CRM

Let’s begin with something simple, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. On a basic level, CRM is a technology used to store customer data and manage consumer communications.

CRM can be defined in three different ways


CRM is a software. Through using this technology, businesses are able to gather and analyse customer data in order to target their audience more efficiently.


In order for businesses to enable themselves to utilise the technology to its full potential, they must implement a CRM strategy which looks at how they manage their relationship with their consumer base.


Finally, there is CRM as a process. This is the approach that companies take to develop the relationship using the technology available to them

Each CRM platform is different, some are focused solely on customer data, others focus on sales or marketing. Here at Intilery we offer a number of features that allow you to connect with your audience in real-time or enable you to create beautiful campaigns and customer journeys.

A brief history

You may not believe it, but CRM technology stretches back to the noughties. The year 2000 to be exact, as this was the year that the first version of SAP CRM launched. The process of using CRM has become much simpler since then with Cloud-based CRMs becoming the norm, gone are the painstakingly long days of data entry.

The importance of CRM

Building on from the idea that CRM is used by businesses to nurture their relationships with their audience, there are a number of ways this outcome can be achieved. For example, it can improve customer services, allow a better understanding of the audience’s preferences /needs and retain more customers. Alongside this, it can also increase sales and revenue, provide advanced analytical data and create a more efficient work process.

CRM platforms can be used by several different teams within a company for differing reasons.

Sales departments use CRM to organise customer data, track communications and leads, and manage their time more efficiently. Whilst Marketeers use it to gather valuable information regarding the campaigns they send out, this information can then be used to inform new marketing strategies. It can be used internally to organise teams and send information between different departments.

How Intilery’s Platform can benefit you

Improved customer service:

One of the key aspects of our CRM platform is that the Single Customer View feature. Through this you are able to learn about your customers on an individual level. Discover who they are, how they engage with your brand and their buying habits on one single page. Behavioural analytics such as purchase history, engagement with emails and click throughs, it enables any business to build a complete profile on each member of their audience. Should a customer raise any issues, they can be handled in an efficient and target manner that will hopefully resolve any problems quickly, whilst encouraging customer loyalty.

Customer retention:

Through improved customer services and encouraging loyalty, there is a higher chance of retaining more consumers. Often retention rates are a key signifier of success within a business. Other elements, such as delivering personalised content at the right time is key to increasing the retention rates, this is something that could be achieved through Intilery’s email builder feature. 

Increased revenue:  

Improvements made to customer services and an increase in customer retention is likely to lead to a rise in sales. Combine this with the analytical data that can be gathered through our CRM platform, businesses are able to craft precise customer journeys that specifically target their audience with content that they can engage with. Customer journeys can be easily designed and managed through Intilery’s Customer Journey Manager.  All of this comes together to create a streamlined sales process, that can be managed using one software.

How Intilery works

Often CRM software offers a one stop shop for businesses and Intilery is no different. Collating data from your website, social media, email campaigns and any other channels you may choose to connect, Intilery presents all of this information in one platform. Combine this with automated tasks, and easy customer journey and email builders, it’s fantastic in creating a more efficient and streamlined working process.

One of the key aspects of Intilery, is that every piece of information gathered on a customer – preferences, issues, previous correspondence etc. is at your fingertips, meaning that any future interactions can be personalised. The ability to individual customise communications, or tailor the messages to a whole group of your audience, means that they will feel that they are being catered for, making them more likely to engage with your content, campaigns and products.

Our clever Customer Journey Manager allows you to connect with your customers in real-time using powerful decision logic. This allows you to develop and implement well-informed, reactive marketing strategies.

Read more about the benefits of real-time CRM.

Not only does CRM help to improve customer relationships, but it can aid in simplifying the sales process and in creating slick, well informed marketing campaign.

How Intilery can benefit you and your business

Intilery’s platform can be used in a number of ways to benefit each business. Below are some examples of how it can be used to suit different sectors.  


The travel industry has one of the highest cart abandonment rates of any industry. CRM can be used to combat this. Customers who view a holiday package, hotel, travel deal but do not check out could be placed into an Abandoned Basket Customer Journey. From there they could receive personalised communications featuring the holiday destinations that they have previously viewed, perhaps making them reconsider their decision to not book.

Gaming and Betting:

As online gaming and betting is often a 24-hour operation, businesses within this industry need a reliable software that will collect data and send information 24 hours a day. CRM can offer that.


CRM offers high security for its users. Banks would be able to view all of the relevant information on their customers in one place, with the peace of mind that it is secure.


Automated email campaigns can be useful for sending out promotional deals and customer incentives, potentially leading to an increase in revenue.

Remember these are just a few examples of how CRM can be utilised. The list is endless, providing you utilise all of the tools available to you. CRM can work for any industry, and any business, regardless of its size.  

How to get started

Hopefully that brief introduction to CRM has helped you to see the benefits of implementing CRM as a software, strategy and process into your business.

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