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Recover abandoned bets/games


Recover customers who do not place a bet after adding to their slip or browsing an event.


Recover abandonment by sending highly targeted messages that include the latest odds and recommendations, to inactive customers via their preferred channel.


Using the Intilery Customer Data Platform, the client was able to analyse all behaviour displayed by consumers on their site and app in real-time. Any customers who viewed an event or added to their bet slip without completing the bet were entered into the Abandonment Customer Journey.  This journey involved sending out personalised messages based on the customers inactivity levels and their previous betting interests.

By referring to this list in real-time, our client was able to utilise fatigue rules (a set of rules set by the client that prevent their customers from receiving an overwhelming number of emails), alongside the campaign rules to determine what volume of messages each customer will receive.

This campaign resulted in 70% of all abandoned bets being recovered, this was a 25% uplift compared to the control group, representing millions of pounds in incremental revenue.

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