Increase Store Footfall

Offering a promotional incentive to increase footfall and conversion rates


Increase footfall to Sofology’s store and covert customers faster.


Offer a limited time only promotional incentive to website visitors, with the aim to drive an increase in store traffic, as well as the volume of email capture.


Through developing onsite banners and pop-ups that promote the offer, Sofology were able to gain an insight into the audience’s behavioural triggers. These pop-ups also enabled the opportunity for data capture, including email sign ups and integration with Facebook. Not only were the banners and pop-ups successful, but a five-stage customer journey sequence was developed to remind shoppers of the exclusive promotion.

The five-stage customer journey sequence was tested against a control group and the results emphasised how important specifically designed customer journeys are, as it outperformed the control group. With open rates 127% higher and click through rates 62% higher, it’s clear to see that through targeting their audience, Sofology were able create a very successful campaign.

These methods resulted in an impressive 24% voucher redemption rate. 65% of claimed vouchers were generated and redeemed within the hour, highlighting that real-time behavioural tracking is incredibly beneficial.

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