Sykes Cottages.

Increase bookings and revenue generated by CRM activities


Use CRM to increase revenue.


Utilise data provided to create timely trigger campaigns.


Sykes Cottages had identified that customer relationship management was particularly important in improving both the customer experience and their owner experience. With the aim to increase revenue through CRM activities, they required a simple solution for their complex needs. Intilery provided Sykes Cottages with the customer data platform and insight necessary to achieve this.

Sykes Cottages were able to learn a great deal about their consumers, down to the small details such as knowing when a customer interacts with their online channels, they used this data to create and deliver personalised communications that arrived in the consumer’s inboxes at the right time, with the most relevant, targeted content.

This resulted in an increase in year-on-year bookings, rebook rate and overall percent share of CRM revenue.

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