Travel Supermarket.

Using CRM to grow customer databases


Grow the customer database via email sign up and acquisition without disrupting the main user journey.


Gather and analyse real-time behavioural data and deliver timely and relevant content to their customers via email communications.


To begin with TravelSupermarket implemented varying strategies based on customer type – known, unknown, or already subscribed to the database – as well as adapting to each device type.

Behaviour based email prompts and overlays designed only to appear to unknown/non-subscribed consumers were complemented by follow up email campaigns displaying the customers last search data. TravelSupermarket also played back recent searches onsite to unknown customers to encourage engagement and click throughs via personalisation.

The results of this campaign were fantastic, the behavioural email triggers generated a good percentage of CRM revenue, highlighting how important growing the customer base of known consumers is to the on-going success of TravelSupermarket.

Over 12 months, the email acquisition campaign delivered a 4-fold increase in the overall size of the database, resulting in a 70% boost in revenue.

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