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Data Science

Let us do the heavy lifting for you, through machine learning, AI and data deep dives we can process mountains of data to uncover insight gathered across multiple channels

Machine Learning


Advanced segmentation techniques drawing from Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms (i.e. Kmeans, Hierarchical Clustering,
DBSCAN, Gaussian Mixture Models) depending on the profile of your data to reveal insight beyond behavioral segmentation.


Release the potential of your data


Working towards understanding and predicting return on investment, marketers need to consider a whole host of modelling to inform and shape marketing plans. Whether you are concerned with retention or churn rates or would like to understand attribution we can support you.


Bring your data to life with actionable insight. We can help you develop and prioritise cohorts and segments of customers most likely to return a positive ROI. Improve your targeting and persona positioning through intelligent testing, and real-time relationship development.

Predictive analytics

As a marketer, you need to know how to find patterns in data so you can avoid risks. Through machine learning, we are constantly refining our approach to help clients identify and access opportunities that create marginal gain.

Exploratory Analysis

Do you need to test a variety of hypothesis, or maybe understand Customer Life Time Value?  Find the hidden Gems in your data. As the Intilery platform amalgamates data from all omni-channel sources you’ll be able to uncover insight gathered from a multitude of customer touchpoints.


Churn Models

Propensity models are often used to identify those most likely to respond to an offer, or to focus retention activity on those most likely to churn.

The model may be applied to your database to score all your customers or prospects. You can then select only those who are most likely to exhibit the predicted behaviour, for example response, and focus your mailing activity appropriately.


Omni-Channel analytics

Track all customer activity and data across multiple channels in real-time, link customers across these channels and devices. 
Only once you have access to all customer data across channels can you understand true contextualised customer journeys.


A range of Data Science services to boost customer insight


  • Let us sieve and sift through millions of data points across multiple channels, structured or unstructured to find actionable data.
  • Analyse behaviour across device, channel, Segment and persona
  • Machine learning identifies markers, meaning you can predict customer behaviors and plan next best action
  • Integrate with your existing CRM systems or analytics packages
  • Utilise RFM, attribution and propensity models
  • Easy access to raw data through Redshift
  • Work with off-line, historic and real-time data to give the ultimate context