Solving abandonment in Gaming

Gaming Abandonment Real-Time

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Recover 70% of all abandoned bets / games


One of our clients didn't want to share his amazing feedback with everyone else. Although it is better to put a name to the numbers, we wanted to share the amazing success generated for our client. All data is anonymised but reflects what happened when the client put Intilery to work.



To recover customers who do not place a bet after adding to the betslip or browsing an event.


Sending a message on the customer's preferred channel shortly after a period of inactivity, with highly a personalised message, latest odds and recommendations would recover abandonment.



Intilery Solution

Using the Intilery Customer Data Platform the client was able to analyse all behaviour from the client's site and app in real-time.

Customer's who viewed an event or added a bet to their betslip were entered into the Abandonment Customer Journey.

After a period of inactivity, and checking whether the customer had placed a bet, the Journey called the client's sportsbook for the latest event information to include in the personalised message.

Checking the blacklist in real-time and utilising fatigue rules along with campaign rules, Intilery Campaign ensured that customer's received the right volume of messages.


70% of all abandoned bets were recovered, with a 25% uplift against the control group, representing £m's in incremental revenue