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Intilery works with leaders across multiple industries to provide seamless customer engagement


The gaming sector is losing millions of pounds each day as a result of bet abandonment. Intilery's platform can provide real-time behavioural messaging to engage these abandoning customers and bring them back to complete their bet. 



Whether it's converting new customers or driving engagement with existing customers, understanding customer behaviour is critical. With Intilery's single customer view and multi-channel campaign management platform, it's possible to deliver in-the-moment personalised experiences through any channel to drive booking conversion.   



The onsite experience on most comparison sites search and quote process tend to be one-size-fits-all. When a potential customer browses the site but doesn't start the quote process, it's important to capture information about them before they end their session. Furthermore, visitors who abandon the quote process need to be targeted with communications (email, push, SMS) to ensure they come back to complete the process. 



Retailers and brands have the opportunity to improvement engagement with their customers by moving from channel-specific vendor solutions (email, onsite testing/targeting, push notifications, etc.) to a multi-channel platform that is driving engagement from a single customers view. 

Another challenge for retailers is mining their data to surface actionable segments. Intilery's Data Science offering can augment CRM and analytics teams and help them derive value from their vast amounts of data. 



Insurance customers tend to be inactive after they have purchased their policy. It's critical to stay engaged with them during this period to drive additional product sales, in addition to having a communication strategy around the renewal process. Ensure your brand is top of mind and make the renewal process as easy as possible.