Our Pricing.





  • 2,000 Customers
  • 2 Audiences
  • 2 Journeys
  • 16,000 email sends pm
  • 4,000 push sends pm
  • 1 landing page




  • 75,000 Customers
  • 10 Audiences
  • 5 Journeys
  • 600,000 email sends pm
  • 150,000 push sends pm
  • 3 landing pages




  • 150,000 Customers
  • 20 Audiences
  • 15 Journeys
  • 1,200,000 email sends pm
  • 300,000 push sends pm
  • 8 landing pages


Custom pricing


  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Audiences
  • Unlimited Journeys
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Unlimited push sends
  • Unlimited landing page

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Tracking Your Customers
Website yes yes yes yes
Wordpress/Squarespace/Wix yes yes yes yes
Email yes yes yes yes
SMS no yes yes yes
Push yes yes yes yes
Call Centre no no no yes
Angular/React yes yes yes yes
Rest API no yes yes yes
Mobile SDKs no yes yes yes
Magento no yes yes yes
Shopify no yes yes yes
Messages (Email, sms, etc) A/B A/B MVT MVT
Journey A/B A/B MVT MVT
Landing Pages A/B A/B MVT MVT
Data Volumes & Retention
Tracked Customers 2,000 pm 75,000 pm 150,000 pm Unlimited
Tracked Anonymous Visitors 1,000 pm 31,250 pm 62,500 pm Unlimited
Customer Retention 6 months 12 months 12 months 3 years
Anonymous Visitor Retention 1 month 6 months 6 months 12 months
Usage & Billing
Seats 1 1 3 Unlimited
Multiple Brands (accounts) 1 1 2 Unlimited
Granular Roles/Permissions no no no yes
Price £0/month £450/month £950/month Custom
Payment Method - Credit Card Credit Card Invoice
Contract Length - Annual (save up to 20%)
Or Monthly
Annual (save up to 20%)
Or Monthly
Team Approval System no no no yes
Asset Comments no yes yes yes
Customer Traits, Events, PII & Validation
Computed Traits 3 5 10 Unlimited
Customer Lifetime Value no yes yes yes
Predicted Fields no 3 5 Unlimited
Recommendations no no no yes
PII Identification & Notification no no yes yes
Data Validation no no yes yes
Tracking Calls / API Calls 168,000 pm 6,300,000 pm 12,600,000 pm Unlimited
Zapier yes yes yes yes
Segment yes yes yes yes
Webhooks no yes yes yes
Lambda no no yes yes
Call Centre no no no yes
API no no no yes
Configuration API no no no yes
Command API no no no yes
Custom Integrations no no no yes
Email yes yes yes yes
SMS yes yes yes yes
Push yes yes yes yes
Landing Pages no yes yes yes
API no no yes yes
Data Privacy & Control
Customer Delete yes yes yes yes
Customer Export yes yes yes yes
Customer Suppression no yes yes yes
PII Discovery & Inventory no no no yes
Historic Load no no yes yes
Data Validation no no yes yes
Data Enforcement no no no yes
Data/Event Transformation no no yes yes
Single Customer View yes yes yes yes
Identity Resolution no no no yes
Audience Export no yes yes yes
Audience Synchronisation no no yes yes
SCV API Access no no yes yes
Support & SLA
Email Support Basic: No SLA Standard: 2 Business Days Standard: 2 Business Days Premium: 1 Business Day
Chat Support no yes yes yes
Docs, Guides & Videos yes yes yes yes
Uptime SLA no yes yes yes
Dedicated Support
Customer Success Manager no no yes yes
Enhanced Onboarding no no no yes
Professional Services no Add On Add On Add On
Account Security
SSL yes yes yes yes
Secure Password yes yes yes yes
MFA no no yes yes
SSO no no no yes
Granular Roles/Permissions no no no yes

* Not all features/limits may be available at the time of signup


Is Intilery for me?

From SMEs who want to improve and optimise communications to large corporations moving their marketing to a more modern mindset, we’ve got you covered.

How long can I stay on the free package?

When you sign up to a free account, its free forever. No credit card required and no hidden costs.

Do I need to enter my credit card details?

No. You do not need to enter your credit card details to sign-up.

I’m increasing my customer base, can I upgrade?

You can upgrade your account at any time, as your company grows, we have a package to suit your needs.

What support will I receive?

We’re here every step of the way, so if there’s anything you need, we’re available to make sure your journey is running smoothly.

Will I be notified of updates?

We’re always working to provide the latest in cutting-edge technology, which is why you’ll receive updates of our latest features before they’re launched.