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Intilery platform offers a wide range of features and services to boost companies marketing efforts

Customer Data Platform

Delivering a world-class customer experience requires having a single customer view. All customers, all activity and all channels in one place. Intilery's Customer Data Platform (CDP) was built from the ground up to collect and store data from all your channels. 


Real-Time Decision Engine

Does your business depend on real-time communication with your customers? Companies struggle to execute real time decisions do to the complexity involved in dynamic segments, 3rd party data sources and integrating with live systems. Find out how Intilery is solving this problem and delivering 'true' real time campaigns for our clients.  


Multi-Channel Campaign Management

Being customer centric means personalising communications with your customers in their channel of preference. Intilery's platform provides out of the box execution capabilities for email, onsite, mobile, social and programmatic - all through our easy-to-use UI. 



Intilery is a technology company and our Services offering is designed to help our clients maximise their technology investment. This includes strategic services, data analysis and campaign development. Whether it's helping align Intilery to your business strategy, building campaign roadmaps or surfacing high-value segments for personalisation, our Services team is here to help.  


Data Science

One of the universal challenges that brands face in a multi-channel world is being able to mine their data for meaning segments that can be exploited with personalisation. Our Data Science team can help you getting a better handle of your data and deliver insights that drive business value.