Increase Store Footfall

Ecommerce in-store promotions


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Triggered emails provide 127% uplift on open rates



To increase footfall to store and convert customers faster.


Offering a promotional incentive for a limited period to site visitors would increase the volume of email capture and drive traffic to store.

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Intilery Solution

Development of onsite banners and pop-ups promoting the offer incorporating behavioural triggers.

Data capture including email sign ups, integration with Facebook, instore retargeting emails and tombola entry.

Development of a five stage customer journey sequence designed to remind shoppers of the promotion and increase footfall,


Impressive 24% voucher redemption rate. Of all vouchers redeemed 65% were generated and redeemed within the hour, proving that real-time behavioural tracking is essential.

The five journey out performed the control group with open rates 127% higher than the stest and 62% higher click through rates

"Intilery's platform and responsive team have really helped us get to grips with data-driven decision making. The omni-channel Single Customer View and Data Planning System enable us to build customer centric journey plans that result in increased store footfall and higher revenues."

- Jason Tyldesley, Owner & CEO, Sofolog