Increase Bookings

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Rich data drives record growth



Increase revenue from CRM activities and revenue overall.


Sykes identified that customer relationship management was particularly important for improving the customer and owners experience. They required a simple solution for their complex needs, that could use personalised communications to send out targeted information to potential customers.

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Intilery Solution

Intilery provides Sykes the customer data platform and the insight to personalise the experience according to their needs.

Knowing when a customer interacts with our channels as well as collecting rich search data has been a very powerful addition to the existing booking data we hold about our customers.

Sykes were able to use the data to create timely trigger campaigns hitting the customer’s inboxes in a timely manner with relevant content.


Increased year on year bookings, rebook rate and overall percent share of CRM revenue.

"The implementation of the Intilery platform has proven to be the key to the success of this new programmatic customer journey."

- Jillian Courtney, Head of CRM at Sykes