A CRM system,
only much better.

A powerful customer data platform connecting you with your customers in real-time through multi-channel campaigns, inspiring journeys and advanced single customer view

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Store your customer data securely, with ease. Create dynamic audiences and track activity as it happens through real-time customer engagement.

Customer Data Platform

From email, SMS and Facebook push, communicate with your customers whenever, wherever. Create beautiful campaigns at the touch of a button and personalise their experience with tailored customer journeys.

Marketing Automation

Understand your customers on a personal level with the Single Customer View. Learn about who they are, their engagement behaviours and buying patterns on one single page.

Single Customer View

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A new way of working.

Struggling to keep up with old systems and spreadsheets here, there and everywhere? We thought so. The Intilery platform brings everything together so you can say goodbye to the old ways and welcome a new, easier way of working.

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goodbye to...

  • Unsecure customer
    data storage

  • Built in CRM

  • Email builders

  • Old fashioned

  • Legacy

Made for

Whether you’re a modern marketeer or want to grow your customer base, the Intilery platform will help you achieve your goals and stand out from the crowd.

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Getting on the Intilery platform couldn't be easier and our platform can scale effortlessly to suit the changing needs of your business.

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